#60: she just woke up today to do as she’s told

Tropic of CancerBe Brave
Sex ParkRhyme or Reason
High PlacesThe Longest Shadows
The Death of PopFor a Minute
SINESex Eye-Make-Up
Working Men’s ClubMoney is Mine (Toddla T Home Sick Remix)
Boy HarsherBurn It Down – Rework – Instrumental
PVAComfort Eater
God Body DisconnectWeeping Arrows (Excerpt)
ACTORS, Bootblacks, LEATHERSBoys Keep Swinging
SprintsLiterary Mind (W.H. Lung – Tom Sharkett Remix)
Sinnerella & MicaFantasy
Eric Random & Stephen MallinderOne Way No Replay
Black Light SmokeEarthquake
White BirchesLethe’s Bramble
Suzi SabotagePersona Non Grata
Geometric VisionLuna
Kill ScenesThe Chrysalis
Panic PriestSelf Control
God Body DisconnectWeeping Arrows (Excerpt)
ATTARIFrost (Kimshies Remix)
MuftiKismet (Modular Project Remix)
Matte BlvckMidnight & Angel
Depeche ModeFly on the Windscreen
Harsh SymmetrySkin
L’AvenirFar Away (In Our Loneliness)
God Body DisconnectAt the Edge of the Cosmic Sea
Desert LiminalComb for Gold

#59: oops

I forgot to post this, but here it is.

I think I’m gonna stop uploading the files here because tired/lazy.

De LuxThey Call This Love
!!!Hello? Is This Thing On?
Freak GenesThe Future is Mine
Randolph & MortimerElectronic Body Weapon
Argy & Matthew DearMore Horses (feat. Tegan and Sara)
The Soft MoonAnswers
Black Light SmokeMachines Don’t Love
StaatseindeVi Är Hubots
Snapped AnklesThe Fish Needs a Bike
Viul & Benoit PioulardStair (Excerpt)
KorineBurn the World
French PolicePlant Based Girl
Haunt MeDying In Your Arms
Blind DelonElle
Rue OberkampfSomebody Else
ULTRA SUNNOut of the Cage
NNHMNThe River of Fire
Kimshies & You ManSigns of Sorrow
Viul & Benoit PioulardFlaxen (Excerpt)
Karl Kave & DurianUngestümer Reiter
Carlo OndaThis Youth Got No Future
Comfort CureThey Told You Wrong
SDHMaybe a Body
High VisFever Dream
Sad Madonna & Mega Sega Drive ClubIdole
Viul & Benoit PioulardFlaxen (Excerpt)
Before After AgainWhen the Pendulum Drops

#58: are you happy being, or do you search for meaning?

Photo is from the trip we finally made, as we do annually, to the middle of nowhere. It was so much colder this year than it was last year or the one before – it seems like New England just jumped for fall ASAP. Considering the weather elsewhere, I feel like a chode for complaining, but still, holy crap, it got chilly quick.

On the show this week, I wanted to try to find some common ground between the shoegaze/goth worlds, which definitely exists, but wanted to toss some garage in there as well. I have to admit I never noticed the clear sonic parallels between The Raveonettes and A Place to Bury Strangers until putting them next to each other here, but yeah, there’s this subspecies of garage/lo-fi that has a real dark edge to it (I would put Warm Drag in that bucket as well). All of this stuff feels very Octobery to me.

Go get your boosters, friends. I got mine and I’m feeling kinda wonky, but let’s feel a little wonky together.

Gauntlet HairHuman Nature
Stockhausen & the Amplified RiotWhat If It Never Ends?
Siouxsie & the BansheesCities in Dust (Extended Mix)
EcmenesiaEl fin
UNKLEHold My Hand
LCD Soundsystemnew body rhumba (from the film White Noise)
Fossil Hunting CollectiveNobody Seems To Be Watching (Excerpt)
Catherine WheelBroken Head
The RaveonettesVeronica Fever
A Place to Bury StrangersI Disappear (When You’re Near)
PinkshinyultrablastDance AM
StereolabBlaue Milch
De AmbassadeDuistre Kamers
Medio MutanteAnother Land
Sydney ValettePandora
Death BellsNothing Changes
Fossil Hunting CollectiveWarm for Days (Excerpt)
Seasurfer featuring Ricardo Silva VelosoJump to the Stars
BlitzFlowers & Fire
Film SchoolDear Me
PolyrockYour Dragging Feet
FeltSunlight Bathed the Golden Glow
True WidowF. W. T. S: L. T. M.
Death of LoversOrphans of the Smog
Fossil Hunting CollectiveWarm for Days (Excerpt)
VR SEXEnd Vision

#57: on the wrong side of history

That’s us, baby. I am listening to this Working for a Nuclear Free City band and digging it; it’s like if you combined Mogwai and Digitalism, which is… not something I knew I needed in my life. There’s more to it than that, but my brain cells are limited.

Another thought before I fade away: the TV show Severance is one of the best of recent memory and you should all go watch it now. I’m very sad to have to wait a year before new episodes come out, but very happy that stories like that are able to be told so well.

Spike HellisFeed
Caput MedusaeScreamdance
Cirque d’EssA Spooky Host (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
Creux LiesTsavo
Bedless BonesLimbs Entwined
FoluntearDancing on the Rainbow
Pet Shop BoysLeft to My Own Devices (7″ Mix)
New OrderSub-culture
The SoundI Can’t Escape Myself
The Octopus ProjectThe Adjustor
Harsh SymmetryYour Eyes
TelexRaised by Snakes
MinistryAll Day Remix
The MallAn Answer
Mandy, IndianaAlien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)
Pilgrims of YearningStorms
AntipoleLe Moment (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
The Octopus ProjectBruise
Sydney ValetteMistress of Desire
Regressive LeftBad Faith (feat. Mandy, Indiana)
Kill ShelterThe Necklace (feat. Agent Side Grinder)
Terror FormsSolar Warden
ACTORSIt Goes Away
Urban HeatThat Gun in Your Hand
Rare DMsend nudes
Danz CMIdea of You
The Octopus ProjectLots More Stairs
Working for a Nuclear Free CityJe suis le vent

#56: emptiness follows too

(not “and teeny swallows too”)

I’m not sure if we really ever radically depart from the OWH sound on this program, but I have some things in the playlist that are on the boundaries of the usual stuff this week. I am very much into this new record from Terra Pines called Downbeats. They’re an Australian band that has a certain roomy shoegaziness in addition to a little dark edge. There’s something about the sound of the track “Cabarita” that makes me think of being miles from here, hanging in in my own headspace in a delicious way where few if any concerns are on the radar.

I guess I’m officially a PhD student now, so that’s a fun fact. I’ve spent a good amount of my day thinking about the differences among, definitions of, and relationships between knowledge, information, and data, lol. I hope I can still find the time to do this show because it grounds me in a very important “hey, I care about things other than work and school” kind of way. I’ll do my best.

Hot ChipEleanor
Tobias BernstrupPrivate Eye
Buzz KullRise From Your Grave
Harsh SymmetryLike an Opiate
Plague PitsGolden Age of Carnage
Black Devil Disco ClubFuzzy Dream (feat. Jon Spencer)
The Snake CorpsCalling You
Principe ValienteI Am You (Solemn Youth Remix)
Winter Severity IndexThe Brightest Days
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
Martial CanterelStill A Part
HEALTHTHE JOY OF SECT (feat. Street Sects)
Skinny PuppyWorlock
KMFDMJuke Joint Jezebel
Spike HellisMouth
El Ojo y La NavajaZoroastro
Bone PixieCatatonic Behavior
The Vacant LotsThank You
Sisters of MercyVision Thing
Manic Street PreachersMausoleum
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
The Cooper Temple ClauseA.I.M.
EchoberylSilent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)
The Death of PopFor a Minute
Terra PinesCabarita
WarpaintChampion (HAAi Remix)
Exploded ViewDark Stains
Black MarbleMSQ No-Extra
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleyWhat do you do? (Excerpt)
BroadcastSubject to the Ladder

#55: these days are up and down, they call it elevated living

I’m listening to Pink Turns Blue’s If Two Worlds Kiss album right now, and this is definitely one of those oft-forgotten masterpieces of the general genre/era we gravitate towards on the Witch House. I mean, it’s not like no one knows about this band, but this record is fantastic. I tried to dig up some other oft-forgotten gems this week, balancing the cascade of new things that keep cropping up like mushrooms after the wet.

The last two days have been dark and wet, and you would think I would be into that as the proprietress of this particular show, but you would be wrong. I’m not ready for the part of the year that I spend more or less constantly under a blanket, but here it comes.

I’m making a note/suggestion to myself and others to check out the album from The Serfs – it’s called Primal Matter – because I’m guessing it’s great. I just have a feeling. I’ll throw it on after PTB. Also, this is apropos of a few weeks ago when I actually played it, but the lyrics of Hot Chip’s new song “Eleanor” gave me life today.

SpkMachine Age Voodoo
Kissing the PinkCertain Things Are Likely
Male TearsHit Me
Vandal MoonYoung. Deadly. Beautiful.
Absolute Body ControlFigures
DeathFaunaWhen It All Comes Crashing Down
The SerfsStimuli
DEVOWhat We Do
Harsh SymmetryPugilist
Soft KillOn the Inside
AutomaticSuicide in Texas (Panter Modern Remix)
Portion ControlThe Great Divide
Love & RocketsBall of Confusion (UK Mix)
SamediBetween Two Hearts
CamouflageWinner Takes Nothing
Cabaret VoltaireSleepwalking
Martin DupontJust Because
Pilgrims of YearningLa Mar
SextileModern Weekend
SprintsLiterary Mind
The ChameleonsReturn of the Roughnecks
Sad Lovers & Giants50-50
And Also the TreesBrother Fear
In Death It EndsWe All Die
Pink Turns BlueWhen the Hammer Comes Down

#54: i recognize dim traces of creation

Leaning into the subtype of goth/darkwave/whateva that inspired the name of the program this week. We’ve got stuff from all across the globe for you, lots of it from the last two years. It gets dance-rocky for a bit, because that’s always a bit of levity in the desert.

Nine Inch NailsWish
Sectarian BloomOur Time
CementoNo Ambition
HolygramStill There
Then Comes SilenceTickets to Funerals
Catherine MoanFools
True MoonVoodoo
The Human LeagueEmpire State Human
A ProjectionDarwin’s Eden
Twin TribesPerdidos (Cult of Alia Remix)
КУЗИНА (Kuzina)Странник
The Sisters of MercyNo Time to Cry
Cult of AliaA Voice Inside
BootblacksParallel (Chris Vrenna Remix)
Hot ChipFreakout/Release
DigitalismNo Data
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis PupulCliché (Soulwax Remix)
Eric Random & Stephen MallinderStop / Begin Again
protoUSoul Machines
The Secret ExperimentGhosts
AnswersJust For You
Ritual HowlsRosabelle Believe
House of HarmIn Threes
Joy DivisionDay of the Lords
SlowdiveSouvlaki Space Station
Vogue.NoirLove Like Vampire
Depeche ModeDamaged People
protoUMemory Alpha
Manic Street PreachersDie in the Summertime

#53: don’t worry about the show numbering system and i won’t either, okay?

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