#56: emptiness follows too

(not “and teeny swallows too”)

I’m not sure if we really ever radically depart from the OWH sound on this program, but I have some things in the playlist that are on the boundaries of the usual stuff this week. I am very much into this new record from Terra Pines called Downbeats. They’re an Australian band that has a certain roomy shoegaziness in addition to a little dark edge. There’s something about the sound of the track “Cabarita” that makes me think of being miles from here, hanging in in my own headspace in a delicious way where few if any concerns are on the radar.

I guess I’m officially a PhD student now, so that’s a fun fact. I’ve spent a good amount of my day thinking about the differences among, definitions of, and relationships between knowledge, information, and data, lol. I hope I can still find the time to do this show because it grounds me in a very important “hey, I care about things other than work and school” kind of way. I’ll do my best.

Hot ChipEleanor
Tobias BernstrupPrivate Eye
Buzz KullRise From Your Grave
Harsh SymmetryLike an Opiate
Plague PitsGolden Age of Carnage
Black Devil Disco ClubFuzzy Dream (feat. Jon Spencer)
The Snake CorpsCalling You
Principe ValienteI Am You (Solemn Youth Remix)
Winter Severity IndexThe Brightest Days
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
Martial CanterelStill A Part
HEALTHTHE JOY OF SECT (feat. Street Sects)
Skinny PuppyWorlock
KMFDMJuke Joint Jezebel
Spike HellisMouth
El Ojo y La NavajaZoroastro
Bone PixieCatatonic Behavior
The Vacant LotsThank You
Sisters of MercyVision Thing
Manic Street PreachersMausoleum
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
The Cooper Temple ClauseA.I.M.
EchoberylSilent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)
The Death of PopFor a Minute
Terra PinesCabarita
WarpaintChampion (HAAi Remix)
Exploded ViewDark Stains
Black MarbleMSQ No-Extra
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleyWhat do you do? (Excerpt)
BroadcastSubject to the Ladder

#55: these days are up and down, they call it elevated living

I’m listening to Pink Turns Blue’s If Two Worlds Kiss album right now, and this is definitely one of those oft-forgotten masterpieces of the general genre/era we gravitate towards on the Witch House. I mean, it’s not like no one knows about this band, but this record is fantastic. I tried to dig up some other oft-forgotten gems this week, balancing the cascade of new things that keep cropping up like mushrooms after the wet.

The last two days have been dark and wet, and you would think I would be into that as the proprietress of this particular show, but you would be wrong. I’m not ready for the part of the year that I spend more or less constantly under a blanket, but here it comes.

I’m making a note/suggestion to myself and others to check out the album from The Serfs – it’s called Primal Matter – because I’m guessing it’s great. I just have a feeling. I’ll throw it on after PTB. Also, this is apropos of a few weeks ago when I actually played it, but the lyrics of Hot Chip’s new song “Eleanor” gave me life today.

SpkMachine Age Voodoo
Kissing the PinkCertain Things Are Likely
Male TearsHit Me
Vandal MoonYoung. Deadly. Beautiful.
Absolute Body ControlFigures
DeathFaunaWhen It All Comes Crashing Down
The SerfsStimuli
DEVOWhat We Do
Harsh SymmetryPugilist
Soft KillOn the Inside
AutomaticSuicide in Texas (Panter Modern Remix)
Portion ControlThe Great Divide
Love & RocketsBall of Confusion (UK Mix)
SamediBetween Two Hearts
CamouflageWinner Takes Nothing
Cabaret VoltaireSleepwalking
Martin DupontJust Because
Pilgrims of YearningLa Mar
SextileModern Weekend
SprintsLiterary Mind
The ChameleonsReturn of the Roughnecks
Sad Lovers & Giants50-50
And Also the TreesBrother Fear
In Death It EndsWe All Die
Pink Turns BlueWhen the Hammer Comes Down

#54: i recognize dim traces of creation

Leaning into the subtype of goth/darkwave/whateva that inspired the name of the program this week. We’ve got stuff from all across the globe for you, lots of it from the last two years. It gets dance-rocky for a bit, because that’s always a bit of levity in the desert.

Nine Inch NailsWish
Sectarian BloomOur Time
CementoNo Ambition
HolygramStill There
Then Comes SilenceTickets to Funerals
Catherine MoanFools
True MoonVoodoo
The Human LeagueEmpire State Human
A ProjectionDarwin’s Eden
Twin TribesPerdidos (Cult of Alia Remix)
КУЗИНА (Kuzina)Странник
The Sisters of MercyNo Time to Cry
Cult of AliaA Voice Inside
BootblacksParallel (Chris Vrenna Remix)
Hot ChipFreakout/Release
DigitalismNo Data
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis PupulCliché (Soulwax Remix)
Eric Random & Stephen MallinderStop / Begin Again
protoUSoul Machines
The Secret ExperimentGhosts
AnswersJust For You
Ritual HowlsRosabelle Believe
House of HarmIn Threes
Joy DivisionDay of the Lords
SlowdiveSouvlaki Space Station
Vogue.NoirLove Like Vampire
Depeche ModeDamaged People
protoUMemory Alpha
Manic Street PreachersDie in the Summertime

#53: don’t worry about the show numbering system and i won’t either, okay?


#51: up, down, turn around

Making peace with the unlived lives, I guess.

I don’t know why I can’t get the post for episode 49 to show up properly, and I forgot to put up #50 – my bad. But in the last few weeks, we got to something like a year of these shows, so this episode is a bit of a favorites/retrospective for y’all.

Sacred SkinNo Surprise (MVTANT Remix)
Body of LightTime to Kill
Nuovo TestamentoMichelle Michelle
Drab MajestyOut of Sequence
Depeche ModeJohn the Revelator
Melted MirrorOpen Wire
Special InterestStreet Pulse Beat (Boy Harsher Remix)
Light AsylumIPC
Working Men’s ClubTeeth
Crash Course in ScienceJump Over Barrels
ErasureSecrets (Kim Ann Foxman’s Heaven Mix)
The UnitsHigh Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix)
LCD Soundsystemtonite
Neon IndianSlumlord
Matthew DearYou Put A Smell On Me
KlackMove Any Mountain
SBTRKTPharaohs (feat. Roses Gabor)
Scissor SistersLet’s Have a Kiki
KontravoidSilent Visions (2020 Version)
Boy HarsherWesterners
The KnifeGirls’ Night Out
New OrderTemptation

#49: into the chasm gaping we


I can has vacation, plz? It’s happening so soon.

This is week two in a row of especially dark, gothy-ass shit, so I hope you’re enjoying it. I’m fine (kind of), but tired and ready to disappear for a while. There might be a show next week. There might not. We’ll see if I have time to do it.

Winter Severity IndexThe Wiser
Fields of the NephilimPreacher Man
Nuovo TestamentoMichelle Michelle
ULTRA SUNNKeep Your Eyes Peeled
EchoberylSalome (Suffer Me)
Dancing PlagueAtrophy
DiveLeave Me Be (Mildreda Remix)
VR SEXDowngrade
Metatron OmegaMegalosthronos (Excerpt)
Sacred SkinNo Surprise (MVTANT Remix)
PreoccupationsContinental Shelf
Odonis OdonisMore
CranesLeaves of Summer
Shad ShadowsSad Bodies
LEATHERSPhantom Heart
S Y Z Y G Y XIn Pieces
Boy HarsherLA
M!R!M!Post Fight
Metatron OmegaVyachnost (Excerpt)
Pictureplane/YAWNSBurning Chrome
BauhausIn the Flat Field
Velvet CondomRouge City
Led Er EstBikini Fun
Oppenheimer AnalysisCold War
SchonwaldFall Apart
Love and RocketsMirror People
Metatron OmegaVyachnost (Excerpt)
The ChameleonsUp the Down Escalator

#48: such a story’s so insane


Tears for FearsWatch Me Bleed
The CureDoubt
Sydney ValettePlease
QualAbove Thee Below Thee
KomradsExile (Skold Remix)
Red MeccaAll These Stored Errors
Nuovo TestamentoPrayers
Medio MutanteAnother Land
ACTORSPost Traumatic Love (Sons of Nuns Remix)
The Danse SocietySomewhere
S. ProductSuicide Beat
Principe ValienteStrangers in the Night
Then Comes SilenceStrange Kicks
Nation of LanguageThis Fractured Mind
Melted MirrorFlying Fortress
The Human LeagueLove Action (I Believe In Love)
Ghost Painted Sky (NH)Ordinary Song (Radio Edit)
Junius (Boston)March of the Samsara
PerturbatorLustful Sacraments
Crone Visions (NH)Seven of Swords
L’AvenirThe River
La LuzSan Fernando Shadow Blues
Kitchens of DistinctionIn a Cave
True BodyTelevision
STRFKRZee Majoor
EagullsMy Life in Rewind

#47: see how deep the bullet lies

It’s been a rough coupla, y’know. But it’s raining. And the gardens need it.


Echo & the BunnymenShow of Strength
Modern EnglishTables Turning
Sacred SkinFar Away
Choir BoyComplainer
Minuit MachineLion in a Cage
Night SinsTurn to Gold
EchoberylBroken Pieces
WINGTIPSCrystal Clear
BootblacksTraveling Light
Forest SwordsOnward
Hot ChipDown (Sworn Virgins Remix)
Death in Vegas feat. Iggy PopAisha
SISSY MISFITForce Fedd (Kontravoid Remix)
Light AsylumIPC
House of HarmFeel My Heart Beat
Melted MirrorWandering Star
RikiCome Inside
She Past Away & Dear DeerRuh
Forest SwordsThor’s Stone
Faith & the MuseRunning Up That Hill
TR/STThe Shore
BragolinThe End Dwells in Us All
Sydney ValetteStation Stop
SUPERNOVA 1006Your Mess
Double EchoEscondido
Forever GreyThe Style is Death
Forest SwordsAnneka’s Battle
PortisheadWandering Star

#46: this exists!

Lol, look, I’m not good with numbers. It may be episode 46, it may be episode 47, it may be neither or both! Either way, the lil’ social media graphic I made for both of these weeks is somehow the same, so I won’t post it again here (see #45). Eek.


The DamnedEloise
The Sisters of MercyLucretia My Reflection (12″ Mix)
Missing PersonsIncense and Peppermints
Depeche ModeGet the Balance Right!
New OrderVanishing Point
Eleven PondBlood Ruins Film
Clan of XymoxStranger
John TalabotEl Oeste
The HorrorsSomething to Remember Me By
The RaptureWhoo! Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh.
Neon IndianAnnie
Bear in HeavenIdle Heart
Games feat. Laurel HaloStrawberry Skies
RökysoppWhat Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Remix)
John TalabotLast Land
Retrofuture/Com Truise/KavinskyAre You Bored Yet
ErasureSecrets (Kim Ann Foxman’s Heaven Remix)
Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls (New Lockdown Mix)
Flight of the ConchordsInner City Pressure
Heaven 17Who’ll Stop the Rain
Gang of FourI Love a Man in a Uniform
The ChurchReptile
Animal CollectiveSummertime Clothes
Cut CopyStanding in the Middle of the Field
John TalabotMissing You
Jane’s AddictionSummertime Rolls

#45: something is demonstrably wrong with the numbering system oops


Skeleton HandsRavage0:00
House of HarmCuts You Inside4:40
Siouxsie & the BansheesParadise Place7:25
Red Lorry Yellow LorryJipp11:49
KorineFeel the Pain14:41
Soviet SovietBlend17:50
Night SinsFantasy 2122:14
Faith & the MuseThe Hand of Man26:58
Batzz in the BelfryLost City31:57
KNOKTVADance of Trees37:28
The KnifeWe Share Our Mother’s Health44:46
Soft Cell & Pet Shop BoysPurple Zone (Hercules & Love Affair Dub)48:50
Cut CopyLet Me Show You Love54:34
The BraveryAn Honest Mistake1:00:29
Comfort CureRain On the Bar1:04:05
The Chemical BrothersGot To Keep On1:07:41
Braxe & Falcon feat. Panda BearStep By Step1:12:57
Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas1:16:52
Staring ProblemM1:24:42
RadioheadParanoid Android1:27:26
MuseSpace Dementia1:33:48
Porcupine TreeSlave Called Shiver1:40:01
MenomenaWet & Rusting1:44:44
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadPennycandle1:48:15
Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Perfume GeniusSpitting Off the Edge of the World1:51:36
VR SEXEnd Vision1:55:49