#30: you try to make me go out with carol

The big thing I want to say about this show is – what’s the deal with Second Skin going by Sacred Skin now? It seems like there was already a gothy band named Second Skin, so I’d guess they duked it out (hopefully politely). Whatever kind of skin you got, though, “Eyes Closed” is a bona fide choon, and yeah, we’ve played it a bunch, but it’s by a band with a different name now, so we get to start the count over.

I’m sleepy from Valentimes tequila and generally content. Got Murderbot #4 queued up on the ol’ Libby and a soft kitty awaiting me in bed. I hope you weren’t expecting me to have an interesting life, or pretend to have one on here. Dudes, I did that shit for years on Livejournal. I’m retired from coolness now.

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(credit: ye olde internet k-hole)
A Flock of Seagulls(It’s Not Me) Talking
Matthew DearYou Put A Smell On Me
Crash Course in ScienceJump Over Barrels
No JoyFluorescent Dread
Night NailShadow Song
The Sisters of MercyTemple of Love – 1992
Mind Over MIDIElektrial Aktivity (SoundSAM Remix)
DigitalismHottest Record in the World
SquireSalvation (Moscoman & OMRI. Remix)
ADULT.I Am Nothing
Sworn VirginsFifty Dollar Bills
Jäh DivisionDub Will Tear Us Apart
A Number of NamesShari Vari (Original Mix)
OFFElectrica Salsa (Maxi Version)
VisageAnvil Night Club School
Sacred SkinEyes Closed (Extended Mix)
Eleven PondWatching Trees
Sin Cos TanTrust
André ObinCan’t Let Go
yunè pinkuLaylo
NaibuJust Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
Little DragonLooking Glass
LegoweltBuying ZIPdisks in Memphis (Excerpt)
Them Are Us TooNo One
Jäh DivisionIsolation Dub
Black Moth Super RainbowCount Backwards to Black

#29: featuring special guest batman

Hello, friends. After the news broke about Batman’s goth playlist, I had to try to see if the Caped Crusader would be willing to put in an appearance on the ol’ Witch House. He said yes, noting it had been a hot second since he got batsignaled and he was getting bored, but most of all, it was important for him to share his dark selector skills with the world. The Dark Knight takes care of the first half of episode 29, then I step in with an agenda to get you onto the dancefloor and out of the bat cave.

// show is archived //

New OrderBlue Monday
MinistryEffigy (I’m Not An)
The FaintAgenda Suicide
Joy DivisionDisorder
BauhausDark Entries
Siouxsie & the BansheesSpellbound
RammsteinDu hast
Mind Over MIDIDawn at Lake Amber
The Smashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings
Nine Inch NailsHead Like a Hole
AFIMiss Murder
Cocteau TwinsLorelei
Beach HouseSpace Song
The CureOpen
Mind Over MIDIThe Endless End
Yellow Magic OrchestraBallet (バレエ)
Working Men’s ClubJohn Cooper Clarke
LA PriestBeginning (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
Róisín MurphySomething More (Soulwax Remix)
AutomaticCalling It (Peaking Lights Disco Remix)
Mind Over MIDIOne Rainy Day
UnderworldHolding the Moth
CubicolorWake Me Up (Tale Of Us Remix)
Ela Minusmegapunk
Mind Over MIDIA Place to Hide
Kevin HarrisonFly

#28: a life spills into the flowers

I was happy to be here on my birthday weekend, a big old house in a little central Massachusetts town. There’s so much to look at in this place, and time slows down in a pleasant way. I spent a few hours on the first day just gazing at all the different bookshelves; what you see in the photo is a fraction.

I’m now an age that has no real meaning, a number that is best known for a stupid Internet maxim. Maybe it’s fitting that I don’t feel like I have many ambitions for this year. Bikes, books, and no bullshit. And beaches, when the time is right.

The Foreign ResortObsessing
Cold ShowersDismiss
yunè pinkuAffection
Kris BahaLest Lust
Affet RobotKargasa
Martin GoodwinExcerpt from Different Clouds
Curse MackeyBlowmindr
The Cassandra ComplexGod John
Rosetta StoneIn Black
The FixxDeeper and Deeper
Oingo BoingoNo Spill Blood
Sham FamilyThis Blue Mob
Martin GoodwinExcerpt from Different Clouds
The Sisters of MercyValentine
A Place to Bury StrangersI’m Hurt
Spirit AwardLily of the Valley
His ClancynessPale Fear
Slow RiotTrophy Wife
The Black AngelsMedicine
Martin GoodwinExcerpt from Different Clouds
Black WingBollywood Apologetics
Foie GrasPsychic Sobriety
LowlifeA Sullen Sky
Sad Lovers & GiantsHouse of Clouds
Popular CultureYoung Girl
Nine Inch NailsMetal – Remix Version
Martin GoodwinExcerpt from Different Clouds