#24: new title structure, new you

I’m back! Ugh, it both was kinda great and also really sucky to not be on the air for the past few weeks. But the Outback Witch House truck is back and it’s better than ever. OK, I don’t know if that’s accurate, but moving right along, can we talk about these white cheddar Cheez-It Grooves? I was just describing them to someone in Canada and I feel like it’s somehow a combination of a Cheez-It, a Wheat Thin, and a Ruffle. Is this sponsored content?

Sorry, I’m hungry and a little all over the place. This week’s show is basically all just bangers that I love listening to with a few newer tracks in there for giggles. I think it’s a lovely start to 2022, a year that will not fool me again with its supposed potential for “being better.” It’s also EXACTLY two hours long. Go on, be impressed.


Tor LundvallThe Night Watch
KlackMove Any Mountain
CovenantDead Stars
MinistryWe Believe
Section 25Dirty Disco
Twin TribesHeart & Feather
Craven FaultsExcerpts from Weets Gate
Sisters of MercyFloorshow
Buzz KullLast In The Club
Front 242Rerun Time
Nitzer EbbControl I’m Here
Boy HarsherMotion
Craven FaultsExcerpts from Weets Gate
Andre ObinThe Arsonist
Martyn & Om UnitPassenger
Sworn VirginsThe Male Man
Black Moth Super RainbowGangs in the Garden
Magic WandsBlue Cherry
Craven FaultsExcerpts from Weets Gate
David BowieCat People (Putting Out Fire)
The Human LeagueThe Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Depeche ModeSacred
Paul Draper & Steven WilsonOmega Man
VisageThe Damned Don’t Cry
Craven FaultsExcerpts from Weets Gate
Drab MajestyOut of Sequence

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