#25: in which i recognize that 2021 is not 2011

And without context, you might be like “wtf, it’s 2022, girl,” but the deal here is I thought SBTRKT’s “Pharaohs” came out in 2021 and I put it on my 2021 best-of list, but turns out it’s actually ten years old and SBTKRT hasn’t put out an album since 2016. Whoops. I’m sure there are other mistakes made on OWH all the time. Oh well! It’s a radio show.

I was trying to inhabit the middle ground between goth and flamboyance this week; you’ll have to tell me how I did.

“We can’t live epically all the time. It’s exhausting.” – Mark McGurl on the Tech Won’t Save Us podcast.


PatriarchyI Don’t Want To Die (Geneva Jacuzzi Remix)
Scissor SistersLet’s Have a Kiki
ErasureFallen Angel (Georgia Remix)
LegoweltRave Till Dawn – Edit
Little DragonShuffle a Dream
LegoweltExcerpt from The Soul of a City
SBTRKTPharaohs (featuring Roses Gabor)
BaricentroTittle Tattle
Minuit MachineFear of Missing Out
SelofanI’m Addicted
She Past AwayAsimilasyon (FM Attack Remix)
BragolinTo Hide to Shine to Cross
LegoweltExcerpt from The Soul of a City
S Y Z Y G Y XTimes Are Hard For Dreamers
Linea AsperaEquilibrium
Lebanon HanoverThe Last Thing
Date At MidnightLights Off/Lights On
Shad ShadowsGolden Field
Skeleton Hands & The LibrarianOxygen
Dead HusbandVertex
LegoweltExcerpt from Forest Conditioner
WINGTIPSAfter the Storm
DigitalismJupiter Room – Planetary Lobby Version
Odonis OdonisSlow Drip
Sydney ValetteFight Back
BootblacksA Pale Fire
MiazmaNever gave it away
LegoweltExcerpt from Forest Conditioner
PlushgunGoth Problems

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