#26: well, i said “sky” but i meant “haze”

Sorry, Perturbator (this is re: the final track). But, on the subject of Perturbator, how rad is it that there’s this metal-synthwave genre that’s emerged in the past few years? I’m so glad we’ve squared that circle. I mean, industrial already kinda did that, but I feel like what’s happening now is distinct from industrial. It’s gothier; more atmospheric. Definitely more introspective and death metal-y (see Deafheaven).

I’m a little incoherent right now because I just went for session #4 of the current tattoo. I am ready for this thing to be done. I’m old. It’s going to look cool, but I’m not sure I can sit for another big one in this lifetime. I guess that’s OK.


Depeche ModeStripped (Live/101)
Jules ShearWhen Love Surges (Extended Mix)
The Mary OnettesCola Falls
Slow Danse With the DeadI Prefer to Be Alone
Metal on MetalNo Front Teeth – Edit
UlverMachine Guns and Peacock Feathers
Robin GuthrieKino’s Chance
PerturbatorVenger (feat. Greta Link)
Pleasure SymbolsImage Reflected
For AgainstGet On With It
LIIEKDeep Pore
NiteHurt No More (The Rain Within Remix)
Robin GuthrieThe Faraway
Gary NumanNow and Forever
DrexciyaNeon Falls
Tim GreenColliding (Janus Rasmussen Remix)
Fort RomeauSecrets & Lies
Ceephax Acid CrewCommuter
Robin GuthrieAnother Part of Nowhere
trentemøllerStill On Fire
BeaconGambler (Donmoyer Remix)
TelefĂ­s & Jah WobbleFalun Gong Dancer
Boris BrejchaVodka & Orange
Robin GuthrieAll For Nothing
PerturbatorDethroned Under a Funeral Haze

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