#27: for a reasonable salary, i would wash the world

I picked the songs for this week while I was in New York and arranged the set in my childhood bedroom as a floofy orange cat slept on my feet. As I typed this, Panda sauntered into the studio and is now on my lap. Cats are truly great production assistants.

Regarding the playlist – “Noel Skum” will never not be hilarious to me. I’m listening to a bunch of this Saphileaum dude’s stuff on new headphones right now and very much enjoying it. I love synth-generated nature noises. Insert other thoughts here (sorry, I drove for a long time today and I’m sleepy).

The Vacant LotsNight Nurse
BeatamaxLiaison li
BlancmangeFeel Me
UltravoxMr. X
DAFBrothers – Gabi’s Mix
Way OutArrival
SaphileaumExcerpt from Thousand Clouds
Ritual HowlsMy Friends
Boy HarsherMachina (feat. Mariana SaldaƱa)
Nine Inch NailsHead Like a Hole – Slate
VR SEXVictim Or Vixen
VONAMORYou the People
SaphileaumExcerpt from Thousand Clouds
DrangsalLove Me Or Leave Me Alone
Crash Course in ScienceJump Over Barrels
Das DingReassurance Ritual
The Juan MacleanNo Time
Light AsylumEnd of Days
Lebanon HanoverBabes of the 80s (She Past Away Remix)
SaphileaumExcerpt from Wave Breeze
Hercules & Love AffairMy Offence (feat. Krystle Warren)
Oppenheimer AnalysisThe Devil’s Dancers
HolygramDaria – Bob Humid’s No Control Remix
Rival ConsolesRecovery – Vessels Remix
Eartha HarrisMountain to Stars – Original Mix
The KnifeOne Hit
SaphileaumExcerpt from Wave Breeze
Xiu Xiu feat. Drab MajestyI Cannot Resist

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