#31: i’m your biggest fan

We’re back this week – I needed a little break last time to catch up on various stuff. Also, we’ll have a special guest on the 16th and 23rd because I’ll be off doing other things, mainly being in Texas and Florida. Yes, I am going to those two states. I am sorry. This is not an endorsement of anything any of those states are doing sociopolitically.

It’s a scary time in the world, pals, but I’m glad this isn’t 20 years ago and we’re not being Team America World Police (yet). On a brighter note, I highly recommend the album this week’s bed music is on, The Island by Segue. It is delicious and great for late-ish night typing. The cover of it makes me think of swimming in the height of summer. We’ve got lots of great new stuff on the program this week, as well as some classics inspired by a fantastic request. Check it.

summertime, somewhere, some years ago
M83Goodbye Captain Lee
OhotaEverything Is as It Should Be
Röyksopp feat. Alison GoldfrappImpossible
Agent Side GrinderRicocheting Memories
Gauntlet HairTop Bunk
Dyr FaserHybrid Souls
Future IslandsLong Flight
SegueGalaxies (Excerpt)
Yard ActDead Horse
Harsh SymmetryMirror Twin
VOWWSOne by One
TraitrsMouth Poisons
Sacred SkinEarthbound
ICEHOUSEElectric Blue
Big CountryIn a Big Country
Level 42Something About You
The ChurchUnder the Milky Way
VR SEXWalk Of Fame
SegueGalaxies (Excerpt)
The ChameleonsSecond Skin
Toro Y MoiLight Black
Small BlackKyoto
Boy HarsherEscape
Wojciech GolczewskiTransmission 12
Com TruiseHyperlips
SegueGalaxies (Excerpt)
BachelorBack Of My Hand

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