#55: these days are up and down, they call it elevated living

I’m listening to Pink Turns Blue’s If Two Worlds Kiss album right now, and this is definitely one of those oft-forgotten masterpieces of the general genre/era we gravitate towards on the Witch House. I mean, it’s not like no one knows about this band, but this record is fantastic. I tried to dig up some other oft-forgotten gems this week, balancing the cascade of new things that keep cropping up like mushrooms after the wet.

The last two days have been dark and wet, and you would think I would be into that as the proprietress of this particular show, but you would be wrong. I’m not ready for the part of the year that I spend more or less constantly under a blanket, but here it comes.

I’m making a note/suggestion to myself and others to check out the album from The Serfs – it’s called Primal Matter – because I’m guessing it’s great. I just have a feeling. I’ll throw it on after PTB. Also, this is apropos of a few weeks ago when I actually played it, but the lyrics of Hot Chip’s new song “Eleanor” gave me life today.

SpkMachine Age Voodoo
Kissing the PinkCertain Things Are Likely
Male TearsHit Me
Vandal MoonYoung. Deadly. Beautiful.
Absolute Body ControlFigures
DeathFaunaWhen It All Comes Crashing Down
The SerfsStimuli
DEVOWhat We Do
Harsh SymmetryPugilist
Soft KillOn the Inside
AutomaticSuicide in Texas (Panter Modern Remix)
Portion ControlThe Great Divide
Love & RocketsBall of Confusion (UK Mix)
SamediBetween Two Hearts
CamouflageWinner Takes Nothing
Cabaret VoltaireSleepwalking
Martin DupontJust Because
Pilgrims of YearningLa Mar
SextileModern Weekend
SprintsLiterary Mind
The ChameleonsReturn of the Roughnecks
Sad Lovers & Giants50-50
And Also the TreesBrother Fear
In Death It EndsWe All Die
Pink Turns BlueWhen the Hammer Comes Down

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