#56: emptiness follows too

(not “and teeny swallows too”)

I’m not sure if we really ever radically depart from the OWH sound on this program, but I have some things in the playlist that are on the boundaries of the usual stuff this week. I am very much into this new record from Terra Pines called Downbeats. They’re an Australian band that has a certain roomy shoegaziness in addition to a little dark edge. There’s something about the sound of the track “Cabarita” that makes me think of being miles from here, hanging in in my own headspace in a delicious way where few if any concerns are on the radar.

I guess I’m officially a PhD student now, so that’s a fun fact. I’ve spent a good amount of my day thinking about the differences among, definitions of, and relationships between knowledge, information, and data, lol. I hope I can still find the time to do this show because it grounds me in a very important “hey, I care about things other than work and school” kind of way. I’ll do my best.

Hot ChipEleanor
Tobias BernstrupPrivate Eye
Buzz KullRise From Your Grave
Harsh SymmetryLike an Opiate
Plague PitsGolden Age of Carnage
Black Devil Disco ClubFuzzy Dream (feat. Jon Spencer)
The Snake CorpsCalling You
Principe ValienteI Am You (Solemn Youth Remix)
Winter Severity IndexThe Brightest Days
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
Martial CanterelStill A Part
HEALTHTHE JOY OF SECT (feat. Street Sects)
Skinny PuppyWorlock
KMFDMJuke Joint Jezebel
Spike HellisMouth
El Ojo y La NavajaZoroastro
Bone PixieCatatonic Behavior
The Vacant LotsThank You
Sisters of MercyVision Thing
Manic Street PreachersMausoleum
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleySimple Explanations (Excerpt)
The Cooper Temple ClauseA.I.M.
EchoberylSilent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)
The Death of PopFor a Minute
Terra PinesCabarita
WarpaintChampion (HAAi Remix)
Exploded ViewDark Stains
Black MarbleMSQ No-Extra
Scape One & Kurt BaggaleyWhat do you do? (Excerpt)
BroadcastSubject to the Ladder

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