#57: on the wrong side of history

That’s us, baby. I am listening to this Working for a Nuclear Free City band and digging it; it’s like if you combined Mogwai and Digitalism, which is… not something I knew I needed in my life. There’s more to it than that, but my brain cells are limited.

Another thought before I fade away: the TV show Severance is one of the best of recent memory and you should all go watch it now. I’m very sad to have to wait a year before new episodes come out, but very happy that stories like that are able to be told so well.

Spike HellisFeed
Caput MedusaeScreamdance
Cirque d’EssA Spooky Host (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
Creux LiesTsavo
Bedless BonesLimbs Entwined
FoluntearDancing on the Rainbow
Pet Shop BoysLeft to My Own Devices (7″ Mix)
New OrderSub-culture
The SoundI Can’t Escape Myself
The Octopus ProjectThe Adjustor
Harsh SymmetryYour Eyes
TelexRaised by Snakes
MinistryAll Day Remix
The MallAn Answer
Mandy, IndianaAlien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)
Pilgrims of YearningStorms
AntipoleLe Moment (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
The Octopus ProjectBruise
Sydney ValetteMistress of Desire
Regressive LeftBad Faith (feat. Mandy, Indiana)
Kill ShelterThe Necklace (feat. Agent Side Grinder)
Terror FormsSolar Warden
ACTORSIt Goes Away
Urban HeatThat Gun in Your Hand
Rare DMsend nudes
Danz CMIdea of You
The Octopus ProjectLots More Stairs
Working for a Nuclear Free CityJe suis le vent

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