#58: are you happy being, or do you search for meaning?

Photo is from the trip we finally made, as we do annually, to the middle of nowhere. It was so much colder this year than it was last year or the one before – it seems like New England just jumped for fall ASAP. Considering the weather elsewhere, I feel like a chode for complaining, but still, holy crap, it got chilly quick.

On the show this week, I wanted to try to find some common ground between the shoegaze/goth worlds, which definitely exists, but wanted to toss some garage in there as well. I have to admit I never noticed the clear sonic parallels between The Raveonettes and A Place to Bury Strangers until putting them next to each other here, but yeah, there’s this subspecies of garage/lo-fi that has a real dark edge to it (I would put Warm Drag in that bucket as well). All of this stuff feels very Octobery to me.

Go get your boosters, friends. I got mine and I’m feeling kinda wonky, but let’s feel a little wonky together.

Gauntlet HairHuman Nature
Stockhausen & the Amplified RiotWhat If It Never Ends?
Siouxsie & the BansheesCities in Dust (Extended Mix)
EcmenesiaEl fin
UNKLEHold My Hand
LCD Soundsystemnew body rhumba (from the film White Noise)
Fossil Hunting CollectiveNobody Seems To Be Watching (Excerpt)
Catherine WheelBroken Head
The RaveonettesVeronica Fever
A Place to Bury StrangersI Disappear (When You’re Near)
PinkshinyultrablastDance AM
StereolabBlaue Milch
De AmbassadeDuistre Kamers
Medio MutanteAnother Land
Sydney ValettePandora
Death BellsNothing Changes
Fossil Hunting CollectiveWarm for Days (Excerpt)
Seasurfer featuring Ricardo Silva VelosoJump to the Stars
BlitzFlowers & Fire
Film SchoolDear Me
PolyrockYour Dragging Feet
FeltSunlight Bathed the Golden Glow
True WidowF. W. T. S: L. T. M.
Death of LoversOrphans of the Smog
Fossil Hunting CollectiveWarm for Days (Excerpt)
VR SEXEnd Vision

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