outback witch house s01e16ish: send me a vision so at least i know

Whew! A long week, but some cool things are afoot – I can’t talk about all of them right now, but I will soon. A bonus cool thing is I now have a laser-cut lap loom that I have been attempting to wrap (warp? lolol) my head around all day. And slightly apropos of nothing, if you’re reading this and you’re a library-ish person, would you consider submitting something to our call for proposals?

Tonight’s show was stuffed with excellent requests from folks, so please keep those coming in. As I mentioned on the show, I like finding a way to try to make all this stuff work together. If this program had a more professional name, it would be something like “Interstitial Lines.” But instead, we’ve got no rules and it’s just right.


(photo cred: internet k-hole – no, this is not me; yes, this is something that very plausibly could have been me)

Living in a powderkeg and setting off sparks.

Minutemen – Corona
Amyl & the Sniffers – Born to Be Alive
The Damned – Fun Factory
Soft Kill – An Open Door
Pond – Pink Lunettes
Romare – Dreams (BED)
LA Priest – Rubber Sky
MGMT – Little Dark Age
The Human League – Do or Die
Legowelt – Your Angels Drowned on the Beach
Funeral Flowers – Поиграй со мной
Schonwald – No Return
Alex Kennon – Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix) (BED)
Boy Harsher – Send Me a Vision
Solid Space – Spectrum is Green
Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
Dave Gahan & the Soulsavers – All of This and Nothing
Cluster – Hollywood (BED)
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Body of Light – Time to Kill
LCD Soundsystem – One Touch
Steven Wilson – Personal Shopper (Nigel Rogers Remix)
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Polish Ambassador – Lost Kingdom (Acid Pauli Remix)
Muse – Darkshines

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