outback witch house s01e20: you can try the best you can; the best you can is good enough

Oh man, this might be my favorite episode of the program to date. I got to a point this week where I full-body realized it was time I needed to begin fencing myself off from several dumpster fires. No more emotional input; no more anxiety; no more attempting to change things outside of the limits to which they could possibly change. And I’m trying to practice that for as long as I can. Let’s all pour one out for boundaries.

I’m beginning to formulate some thoughts about what I might want to do “next” – and I mean in a long time from now, not anything immediate – and I feel better than I have in a while with a semi-coherent goal in mind. I’m also officially geared up to complete the second library renovation I’ve done in my career, and I’m stoked. It’ll be done by August 16, bay-bay.


please look at this wallpaper (source: internet k-hole)

Playlist (also available on Spotify here):
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Judas Priest – Breaking the Law
The Cult – Rise
Cheap Trick – Light Up the Fire
Faith & the Muse – Scars Flown Proud
Echo & the Bunnymen – Heaven Up Here
Daniel Avery – Hazel & Gold (BED)
Radiohead – Optimistic
Cabaret Voltaire – Runaway
The Chemical Brothers – Got to Keep On
Hot Chip – Dancing in the Dark
Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People
Massive Attack – Exchange
KMFDM – Megalomaniac
Klack – Coup De Grace
Eleven Pond – Blood Ruins Film
Hot Chip – Huarache Lights
LCD Soundsystem – tonite
The Cure – Another Journey By Train (BED)
These New Puritans – Colors
Depeche Mode – Broken
Glass Candy – Candy Castle
The Human League – Being Boiled
Psychic TV – Meet Every Situation Head On
Depeche Mode – Agent Orange (BED)
New Order – Crystal

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