outback witch house | uncertain #16

My brain hurts, and I would so very much like this semester to be over, but there’s a big ol’ chunker of it left, and I guess I gotta keep going even though I feel so thoroughly crappy about so many things. So so so so so. It costs to be austere.

I definitely believe I’ve lost my powers. Maybe they will return, but setback after setback is wiping me right out. I feel like a child, or like age has not given me gravitas–but instead, arthritis.

Anyway, here’s a spooky mix I made for y’all. There will be another one to come this week for UncertainFM specials, because if you make OWH, you can shit out Halloween episodes in your sleep.


Crash Course in ScienceIt Costs To Be Austere
Nightmare FortressMourning Star
Water BordersFeasting On Mongeese
Die SelektionGottes Wille
Night SinsAnnihilator
Tuff TurfNegative Wave
John CarpenterAlive After Death
AustraFuture Politics
Clock DVASoundmirror (Reflected)
Iron CurtainThe Condos
Skew RingAge Of Onset
FotocrimeAlways Hell
John CarpenterDripping Blood
Man of MoonStrangers (Far Gone Lum Remix)
High-Functioning FleshTalk About
Timothy Fleet & Wayne MurraySos
The Foreign ResortSend Your Heart to the Riot (Creux Lies Remix)
Ulrich SchnaussThe Magic In You (2019 Version)
ColderTo The Music
John CarpenterDead Eyes
HolygramStill There
A Place To Bury StrangersOnwards to the Wall
The ColumnReasons
Them Are Us TooFalse Moon
The ChillsPink Frost
John CarpenterTurning the Bones
Faith & the MuseBranwen Slayne

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