outback witch house | uncertain #21


The first episode I ever did of this show – this was before we moved to UncertainFM in July – aired on December 4, which makes this one something of a one-year anniversary. Wine and popcorn, plz. I did play a couple songs from that week’s episode, just for funzies.

I’m trying to get things done a little earlier than usual this week because I have some busy evenings coming up (I have a life!!!), and I’m also going to start working on making an actual dedicated blog/site for Outback Witch House because let’s be real, I’m only posting playlists and whatnot here anyway.

If you accused me of playing “The Promise” whenever I hear it on the radio during a given week, you would certainly be onto something.

Bad Lip ReadingRussian Unicorn
Stereo MC’sConnected
Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly the Same
The KnifeHeartbeats
PJ Harvey50ft Queenie
The Human LeagueLife Kills
E.VAXNew Words
The Sisters of MercyWalk Away
The KVBUnité
Foie GrasPsychic Sobriety
VONAMORTake Your Heart
Ghost Painted SkyA Fleeting Moment (Revisited)
Revolution Above DisorderIlluminate
Inca BabiesDevil In My Room
E.VAXLittle Lung
A Place to Bury StrangersLet’s See Each Other
I Love You But I’ve Chosen DarknessAccording to Plan
SUPERNOVA 1006Precious
ADULT.Skinlike (Equation Mix)
Black MarbleBodies
Severed HeadsTwenty Deadly Diseases
Xeno & OaklanderTelevision
E.VAXPretty Good
Hercules & Love AffairClassique #2
PlaceboSlave to the Wage
For AgainstGet On With It
Death of LoversShaken
QuiversShiny Happy People
When In RomeThe Promise
Animal CollectiveI Think I Can

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