outback witch house | uncertain fm #13


This week’s Outback Witch House was inspired by frustration. Please give everyone else a break. We’re all exhausted, overwhelmed, under-resourced, and sad. We’re going to make mistakes. We’re frustrated about those mistakes and the circumstances that led to them. Austerity crisis narratives are harmful to all of us, undermining or outright destroying systems we all depend on. No one is their best self right now. They might not be again for a while.

I just pulled a tarot card at random and it’s the ten of pentacles, which has to do with archives, extraction, and dowries. OK. Looking at the Smith illustration, it feels more like it indicates the changing of the seasons; there’s something summer-gone-to-autumn about it, and whaddaya know, that’s right where we are.

(PS – The show is aired live on Wednesdays from 8-10 PM EST and often re-aired on Sunday afternoons.)

Norma TanegaYou’re Dead0:00
PulpDisco 20002:16
The HorrorsSomething to Remember Me By6:44
Bear In HeavenIdle Heart17:20
The Goon SaxPsychic20:58
TOBACCOFantasy Trash Wave25:10
MusePlug-in Baby27:54
Test IciclesDancing On Pegs31:21
The FutureheadsTrying Not to Think About Time33:34
VR SEXLandmine39:22
She Past AwayIzole (Lebanon Hanover Remix)43:04
TOBACCOBackwoods Altar46:41
Lily AllenKnock ‘Em Out50:36
LadytronBlue Jeans 2.053:16
WINGTIPSDeaf Pursuit56:37
122 NorthDrive – Lauer Remix1:00:58
The Foreign ResortSend Your Heart to the Riot (Creux Lies Remix)1:07:18
Night SinsFor People Like Us1:11:32
TOBACCOSide 8 (Big Gums Version)1:15:44
TVAMPsychic Data1:19:01
Body of LightHolding You1:26:06
Pentagram Home VideoThe Left Hand Path (Disco)1:28:40
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkMessages (10″ Single Version)1:38:04
Black MarblePreoccupation1:42:35
TOBACCOSelf Tannner1:52:19
LCD SoundsystemSeconds – electric lady sessions1:55:12

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