Outback Witch House S01E02: I never thought that I would find myself

Oh my god, we’re back again.

I don’t know why exactly, but The Cure’s song “All Cats are Grey” lodged its way in my head this week and the lyrics of that song are what inspired the central feeling for tonight’s show; of course, I play it as we’re winding down, too. My interpretation of it is we’re all pissed that the shit we’re stuck dealing with throughout life can’t be prepared for ahead of time (“no flags wave me home”), and we can’t help but weakly attempt to work things through using the lens of the present, making do with what we can perceive right now as best as we can (“in the caves, all cats are grey”). In other words, we want preparation that we can’t have and so we have no choice but to muddle through, and ultimately we 100% get that but



(Photo credit: Internet K-Hole)

Playlist (also on Spotify here):
Failure – Segue 2/Dirty Blue Balloons
topographies – Images
Lush – De-Luxe
Austra – Beat & The Pulse
Smerz – You See?
Four Tet – Circling (BED)
The Units – High Pressure Days
Gatekeeper – Chains
Kris Baha – Revolting
Kontravoid – Silent Visions (2020 Version)
ANOHNI – Drone Bomb Me
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – CC Pad (BED)
Laurel Halo – Sunlight on the Faded
Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy
The Avalanches feat. MGMT & Johnny Marr – The Divine Chord
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Vanessa Daou – Autumn Perspective
Boards of Canada – White Cyclosa (BED)
Jacob Korn & Kid A – Broken
Barrie – Canyons (Falty DL & Shura Remix)
MJ Guider – Simulus
Deserta – Save Me
WTCHCRFT – Surveillance (BED)
The Cure – All Cats Are Grey
Julia Holter – Betsy On The Roof
Shearwater – The Snow Leopard